The town museum

In the course of the general renovation 2020/21, the house was adapted to the requirements of the 
21st century (barrier-free access, elevator, new foyer, theater buffet, state-of-the-art lighting
technology ...).
 The city museum, which is located on the first floor right next to the theater, was also redesigned and is
intended to offer space for special exhibitions in addition to its function as a permanent museum.
It opens up an insight into the long history of Grein, which has always been closely linked to the
dangerous shipping on the Danube, and also sheds light on the history of the theater from its beginnings
in 1791 to the present day.
A special exhibition room is located on the mezzanine floor of the house, in the prison. It is the storage 
room for costumes and props of our local theater company, the oldest stock of which goes back to the
late 18th century. Many of the costumes and props seen here are still used on stage.
 We are looking forward to your visit!